Harbour Spirit Canapés Menu


Sample menu options below (menu’s tailored from choices below)

Harbour Spirit Canape Menu (choose 7 items + Dessert). Chef on board substantial sized food.

Empanadas homemade chicken

Empanadas homemade shredded beef

Empanadas homemade, vegetarian, peas, potato, curry, mild chilli (v)

Spinach & Ricotta homemade pie slices & mixed salad (v)

Vol au Vent homemade chicken, mushrooms in a cream sauce

Vol au Vent homemade smoked salmon, cream cheese with caper berries

Pastry Tart homemade vegetarian (v)

Sausage Rolls homemade petite pork puff pastry bites

Cevapi homemade gourmet pork & beef sausage with potato salad (gf)

Arancini Balls homemade mushroom & mozzarella (v) (gf)

Chicken Skewers seasoned, salt, pepper, oregano

Chicken Skewers seasoned, lemon pepper

Lamb Kebab Skewers seasoned, salt, pepper, oregano

Hamburger Sliders brioche bun, mini homemade beef patty

Panko Crumbed Prawns

Coconut Crumbed Prawns

Salt & Pepper Squid with lime & aioli

Prawn Cutlets golden crumbed

Garlic Prawn Twisters

Prawn & Guacamole on toasted ciabatta

Bruschetta tomato with crumbed fetta on ciabatta bread (v)

Sweet Potato Wedges with sour cream & sweet chilli (v) (gf)

Fish & Chip baskets barramundi homemade fish bites with lemon & tartar

Seafood baskets calamari rings, fish pieces, chips with lemon & tartar

Spring Rolls vegetable with sweet chilli sauce (v)

Dim Sims mini chicken & tasty vegetables

Pizza variety includes meat lovers & vegetarian

Quiche vegetarian squares homemade & Salad (v) (Boxed)

Quiche Lorraine, bacon, cheese squares homemade & Salad (v) (Boxed)

Pasta tossed with mushroom, zucchini, capsicum, eggplant, tomato basil sauce (v)

Roasted Potato Skins with philly cheese, sour cream & chives

Anti-Pasto Platter, prosciutto, salami, ham, sun dried tomato, olives & cheeses (Trays)

Salad gourmet roast pumpkin, sweet potato, balsamic EVO dressing (v) (Boxed)

Chicken Strips crispy crumbed & roasted chat potato (gf) (Boxed)

Lasagne Beef, mozzarella, bechamel, napoletana sauce & mixed salad (Boxed)

Thai sweet chilli chicken with stir fried rice & seasonal vegetables (Boxed)

Korma Chicken stir fry & fried rice (Boxed)

Penne Napoli tomato base pasta (v) (Boxed)

Penne Bolognaise beef, napoletana sauce pasta (Boxed)

Penne Boscaiola, onion, bacon, parmesan, and mushroom cream sauce (Boxed)

Chefs selection of desserts

Chocolate Mousse Cups

Fruit Salad seasonal fresh fruit cups (v)

Note: Menu subject to slight seasonal changes

Sydney Harbour boat charters with onboard catering.


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